June was a milestone month for Charles as his dream of seeing his work on exhibition in a gallery became a reality. Townley gallery in Laguna Beach, California featured “Armed With A Perspective” from June 5th-June 30th with great success. Not only the usual art lovers of the Laguna Arts District, but also a younger generation of artists and attendees found his work thought provoking and powerful.

Charles’ father Neil was especially proud of his son and wrote this heartwarming letter to Charles after the closing night:


Your Mom and I are so proud of you. Driving down South Coast Highway in The Laguna Arts District and seeing your work on exhibition in a huge gallery window is a thrill. It’s great seeing the amazing reaction your art gets from all the people passing by. So many people all day and night; you can see them pointing and hear them commenting how cool the work looks. The part I’m most proud of you for is the way you conducted yourself throughout the show. You’ve been so gracious; meeting people, taking photos, answering questions and so cool and humble about the whole experience. Everyone loves how warm and friendly you’ve been to every person you’ve met. I know it’s hard to be so young and in such a grown up situation.

I went by the gallery at 3 a.m. the first night the show went up. The whole street was completely empty; except your window. There were 5 young people just standing there; not passing; just looking at the art and digging it. Because tonight is the last night of your show I wanted to go by late at night again, and just have it all to myself, on an empty street, with the brightly lit window full of the works I watched you create. Here’s a photo I took at 2:45 a.m. When I got there:


Congratulations Charles, on your show and for being the boy that you are.


Dad, Mom, and Thomas.

Townley Gallery was also very pleased with his exhibition in the gallery. Pamela Squires, Art Director of Townley Gallery, and Shane Townley also wrote kind letters to Charles sharing their appreciation and admiration:

Dear Charles and Gitnick Family,

It has been an honor to be a part of your first show. We have had so much fun talking about you, and sharing your remarkable story in the art world. Thank you for your professional behavior, and wonderful art. You are as charming as you can be, and such a joy to work with. It is wonderful to meet your family and see the support they give you in your career as a young artist. We look very forward working with you again. The children came from all over to see your art. I don’t think you realize how many kids you have inspired. They all leave the show with the same thought… .”I might be able to create something wonderful too”. I have attached one image of many children that were ecstatic to see your show and inspired by your message.

Thank you again, Pamela Squires ART Director at Townley Gallery


I wanted to thank you so much for your amazing show and creating such a thought provoking atmosphere for the gallery. The attendance and the conversations as well as the sales have exceeded our expectations at the gallery. Over hearing the comments and excitement of the public with such a young and talented artist with such a powerful message has been the most exponential in all the years we have been in business. I wish you a long and successful career and we are proud to be a part of your first show. We are looking forward to more shows with you in the future as your creative mind and work takes us to more places.

Shane Townley


Townley Gallery’s amazing team and gallery have allowed Charles to reach so many people. Charles wanted to show is gratitude with the note below:

Thank you so so much Shane Townley, for taking a chance showing my art in your gallery and thanks to Pam, Ashley, Bill and everybody there who were so encouraging and kind.


Charles Gitnick


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