Recently, Charles had the opportunity to present his work at the Santa Monica Museum of Art’s tenth annual INCOGNITO benefit which raises money to fund many valuable programs such as educational programs and outreach efforts.  Purchasing art from INCOGNITO requires the buyer to trust their instincts and blindly purchase the art without knowing who the artist is.  After they purchase the art, the buyer then flips the work over to see the artist’s signature on the other side. Elsa Longhauser, the Santa Monica Museum of Art Executive Director says, “There is something for everyone.”   It is truly an innovative and accessible way to get anyone excited about art and find new voices in the art world.


For the 10 year anniversary of INCOGNITO, each artist was asked to present a 10×10 piece of work.  Charles presented a white on white piece using his spray technique and a black on black piece using a Jackson Pollock type technique.  Both pieces were highlights of the event and Charles impressed many art aficionados with his charm and talent.  Charles said that being a part of the benefit and meeting other artists like Ed Moses was pretty exciting.  As the youngest artist to ever present at SMMOA’s INCOGNITO event, Charles thoroughly impressed the crowd and his work went home with two very happy patrons.



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